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Jeff Frane.


Favorite spot:
Government Center Parking Garage downtown.

Primary bike setup:
Brooklyn Gangsta Track, All-City 612 Cranks 165mm, 42 tooth ring, 16t rear cog, Deep V's tied and soldered to All-City Standard hubs 32 h, Profile risers with All-City Star Track grips (try em on a riser bar, they're the shit), All-City double clips and straps.

Total number of bikes:
Somewhere around 11 or so. I have a problem.

Stuff you've broken in the past year:
Bunch of toe clips, saddles, rear wheels.

If you could have lunch with anyone who ever lived, what would you order:
I would order spaghetti made with Chef Boyardee spaghetti sauce from a can. I can't find it anywhere anymore and it's the best thing ever.

Thanks to:
Vinnie, Carney, Andy, Connor, Kayne and all the dudes in Minneapolis who ride. Lisa at All-City, Dave at handspun, John at Velocity, Brad at Capricorn, Erik at Peacock Groove, Gene at One on One, Nathan at Freeman, and all the Minneapolis companies. All the people who support Bike Jerks and the All-City Championships. Everyone in Minneapolis who makes this such a special place to be, and of course Burd for making this happen.