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Jeremiah Jones.

Brooklyn, New York.

Favorite spot:
The ones you donít talk about.

Primary bike setup:
Small Brooklyn Machine Works frame and fork, Profile hubs laced to (rear) DT Swiss TK 7.1 29er rim, (front) Mavic CXP33, Sugino 75 cranks, cheap seat post, San Marco Rolls saddle, Thompson 5 deg. stem, 2" rise Deity bars, Animal Edwin grips, Odyssey pedals with my prototype strap things HOLD FAST (coming soon). Continental Contact 32x700.

Total number of bikes:
4.5 completes.

Stuff you've broken in the past year:
Countless toe clips, several pedals, 1 seat, 3 rims, lots of tires and tubes, bearing and cones in rear hub, chain ring, my ankle, and my fork is getting soft.

If you could have lunch with anyone who ever lived, what would you order:
Burger, fries and beer.

Thanks to:
I first need to thank my wife Cecilia, without her support and patience I would never be able to ride. John Prolly for the PEEL Sessions, my riding has improved 10 fold with all you guys. And Bootleg, thanks for showing me what everyone else is doing, I have learned a lot from the first 2 videos. Rob Hall, thanks for your help with HOLD FAST. And last but not least, My 1979 REDLINE, the first bike I ever built my self 20 years ago (I still have most of it).