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Tom Mosher.

Oakville (Toronto), ON. Moving to Berlin in May '08.

Favorite spot:
Ontario cement skateparks and downtown Toronto.

Primary bike setup:
Cyclemania (Toronto) track frame, pink machined deep V's with surly hubs, black 2.5" risers, a stem that goes out and up a bit and some black grips. (I will soon have a gangsta track fork to replace the obliterated stock one.) 43/(15-18) and a 1/8 chain. Pedals/clips/straps/seat/whatever are all the cheapest everything ever for now and they all need replacing.

Total number of bikes:
One track trick thing, One beatup childhood BMX... hmm. It felt like I had more, but I guess bent up old conversions don't count for much, eh? Two, then.

Stuff you've broken in the past year:
Three conversions (loved to death, you know, you gotta learn on something), too many tubes, a few tires, stock fork, lots of straps/clips, every bottom bracket that's ever been near me, maybe a bone in my ankle?? (fingers crossed!)

If you could have lunch with anyone who ever lived, what would you order:
This question is so confusing, it's like a Simpsons episode where it starts about one thing but then ends about something else. I really love shawarmas from anywhere.

Thanks to:
All my friends that support and encourage me even if they don't reaaally give a crap when I tell them I did a wheelie thingy dooley. Pengpeng my sweet girl and my family for being the smart voices saying things at me keeping me in line. And I'd like to thank all the other riders out there doing inspiring and creative things without coasting!